Which footballer scored the first ever goal in the English Premiership?

Brian Deane

Actors from which TV soap opera had a hit with the song Hillbilly Rock?


Which of these letters is used most frequently in the English language? B, V or P?


How many gold medals did Mark Spitz win at the 1972 Olympics?


What is a spurtle used for?

It’s a Scottish traditional spoon to stir the oats when making porridge

Dinosaurs became extinct at the end of which period? The Cretaceous, The Paleogene or The Jurassic?


Which 1961 war novel was written by Joseph Heller?


In which film did a Starling capture a Buffalo?

Silence Of The Lambs

Which famous cartoon bird appeared for the first time in 1937 on the Porky Pig show?

Daffy Duck

Which group sang the song Take My Breath Away which featured in the film Top Gun?


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