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To all purchasers of Metallic & Non-Metallic Cable Management Products. In addition to the last statement issued in July 2021, this is a further update during this challenging and unpredictable period with the UK construction industry supply chain, in respect of increasing costs and availability of raw materials associated with the manufacture and supply of both metallic and non-metallic cable management systems (CMS). After a very turbulent 18 months, the market had appeared to settle for a couple of months, however costs have begun to dramatically increase again.

The leading UK manufacturing companies of CMS (who are also members of BEAMA) are facing continued increases in commodity / raw material costs such as (not exhaustive list) Aluminium, Nickel, Steel, Stainless Steel and Thermoplastics. These issues are due to numerous conditions across the globe including, inflation, COVID-19, transportation, energy costs and the current invasion of Ukraine.

Other cost impacts on the industry, as with all other sectors are increasing overheads, which again are being driven upwards due to inflation, increases in labour costs, fuel rises and energy (gas and electric) costs.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, and the supply of raw materials being reduced, it is anticipated that there will be an impact from Q3 on availability of finished goods to UK manufacturers.

BEAMA take an active part in the frequent Construction Leadership Council (CLC) ‘Construction Product Availability’ meetings to contribute to the conversation and impart knowledge from the industry sectors represented by the trade association.

BEAMA members would like to acknowledge the assistance received from their industry partners over the past months in terms of project planning support. We would also reiterate the continuing need for distributors and installers to engage with manufacturers as early as
possible in respect of ongoing CMS requirements.

Whilst manufacturers remain acutely aware of the many other external pressures on our construction industry partners, it is considered essential to provide this update to allow for
good project planning by individual operators.

BEAMA is the leading trade association in the UK representing manufacturers in the electrotechnical sector which includes cable management products.

Other useful resources:
Construction Leadership Council
London Metal Exchange (LME)
The Office of National Statistics


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