A new era is underway.

Introducing The Leadership Team.

Midshires have been operating successfully for over 19 years. There has been lots of high and a few lows during that period, but when Managing Director Ben Fountain looks back he is very proud of where the business now sits and even more prouder of the people now rising to the top within it.

Nothing proves Benโ€™s point more than the current set up of leaders now managing the business – Jamie Faulkner & Craig Rose managing both the Sales and Operations side of the business.

Supported fantastically by Sarah Cameron & Victoria Inns in Finance & Accounts, Kevin Banks & Karl Scalabrin in Projects & Sales, as well as Paul Houghton in Procurement & Andreas Georgiades running the warehouse and counter.

In total, these people have over 60 years of experience working for Midshires Electrical & Lighting and they know what is required to get results and work together as a team.

Ben Fountain goes on to say “Sometimes you have to be brave & ignore the hype & promises made by others and back people you truly know and trust. If their attitude is right and team sentiment is good, that is one of the main ingredients to build a successful future on. Obviously it is essential that I provide support guidance & advice when required, but that is something I enjoy giving. Especially when someone wants to listen, learn and become more professional. It’s of no surprise to me, the success the new management team are now having, is because people have taken the opportunity & stepped up to the plate and doing the job well, working with integrity and building trust quickly, as well as revelling in the responsibility.โ€

Benโ€™s only regret is that he did not bring some of the younger people at Midshires into management roles a lot sooner. “Sometimes you just make the wrong call and employ the wrong people. Eventually the mistake is realised and you become a little wiser. With that experience, you can then help a younger management team avoid some of the pitfalls & errors that were made before.”

With that all said, the future of the company is in very strong hands, there is still work to be done still but with everybody working hard and moving in the right direction, there is no doubt a lot positive changes are benefitting our customers, the business & of course the management and their teams working in it!

Exciting times at Midshires lay ahead. Watch this space


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